Well, Penthesilea is a mythological Amazon woman who fought in the Trojan War on the side of the Trojans. This was to repay a favor once done to her by King Priam of Troy. She fought valiantly, but according to most sources, was killed in battle by Achilles, who did not realize he was fighting a woman. When he removed her helmet, not only was he shocked to find a woman warrior, he was “struck” by her breathtaking beauty, and immediately fell madly in love with the slain Penthesilea!

My collage positions her in the thrownback position of a defeated warrior. I have included a detail and a close-up so you can see some of the texture. AND, I MUST WARN YOU…. I TOOK THESE PHOTOS, SO….please excuse the less than perfect state of them, and I apologize for the bit of glare.

This piece measures 16w by 12h, on canvas, and has been sold to a private collector.

Penthesilea Faces Achilles  Penthesilea Faces Achilles

Penthesilea detail  Detail showing Penthesilea’s face; keep in mind that this is paper, not paint!

penthesilea-close-up-thumbnail.jpg  This close up, though blurry, thanks to my “tremendous” photography skills, is an attempt to show the wonderful texture I can achieve with paper.