So, I have been working on this project for what seems like forever… I was given a 10 by 20-foot shipping container so I could create an art installation inside of it. I painted the exterior silver, and decided I wanted mirrored interior walls. Traditional mirror is too heavy for what I want to do, so I sourced this awesome lightweight mirror. I found two companies and chose the company that was most helpful. Because I wanted to attach the mirror to the interior walls the company’s engineers attached heavy duty magnets to the back of each panel. My wonderful assistants – couldn’t do this without them – and I literally just stuck them on the walls. It was so cool! That has been one of the highlights of this project.

For the interior I sourced other materials which took some time to arrive because of supply chain issues. I finally received everything and set to work. And…

It’s not right. It doesn’t measure up. I am changing my plan.

Stay tuned.