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Who Am I?

I’m Marsha Monroe Pippenger, and I’m glad you’re here. On this site you will find good art and good information. I hope you stick around and explore. And, I hope you find it interesting enough to return again and again.

Collage and Collage Tapestries

History of Collage including examples and artwork for sale. “Collage is a process of building and layering, of adding and taking away. ” – Marsha Monroe Pippenger

PippengerART Blog

APPRECIATING THE SPIDER'S WORK This morning as I was getting ready to head to the studio I noticed two separate sets of neighbors pause on the sidewalk outside my door. Each one stooped with their phone cameras and snapped a picture. One walked on, but the other was...

Juggling Jars….

This is a collage titled "Juggling Jars". It's Aquarius, the Water Carrier. The water is pouring out of the jars he juggles. The constellation Aquarius is defined by very thin copper wire.

MEET ME HOME: An Art and Poetry Exhibition

ARTIST: MARSHA PIPPENGER, Dayton, Ohio POET: AIMEE NOEL, Dayton, Ohio INTRODUCTION: This exhibition will hang at The McMillan Gallery in Dayton, Ohio through the spring. Due to coronavirus, the opening was live on Facebook. Collaborating with a talented local poet,...

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