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Who Am I?

I’m Marsha Monroe Pippenger, and I’m glad you’re here. On this site you will find good art and good information. I hope you stick around and explore. And, I hope you find it interesting enough to return again and again.

Collage and Collage Tapestries

History of Collage including examples and artwork for sale. “Collage is a process of building and layering, of adding and taking away. ” – Marsha Monroe Pippenger

PippengerART Blog

My Friend Janet

My friend Janet was an artist. She was my children’s high school art teacher. For many years I knew her as just that: talented, dedicated artist and teacher, an acquaintance. Some years later, after my kids were grown, Janet contacted me to see if I might be...

Women Strong video

Attached is a link to an exhibition featuring an artists' group I am part of: Women Strong. We are a group of female artists focused on building community through art. There are 12 of us in total, though not everyone appears in this video. Please enjoy....

Container Woes, Part II

My change of plan for my shipping container is underway. I am returning to my strength, which is collage, color and pattern. Currently I am working on a small model and plan to see how it works in the container. I am feeling better about this pivot in my plan, so...

Container Woes

So, I have been working on this project for what seems like forever… I was given a 10 by 20-foot shipping container so I could create an art installation inside of it. I painted the exterior silver, and decided I wanted mirrored interior walls. Traditional mirror is...

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