I haven’t posted in quite a while, due to work committments and a nasty cold that has me coughing  and sleeping a lot. However, I want to note that I have finally finished posting all the images from the collage series “Dinner in the City: A Narrative Exhibition”. Some need a little tweaking, but they are all there! Please take a look.

Next, I will be adding more of my greeting card designs for those of you who would like to order. They are a good bargain for original art you can send or keep for yourself!

In addition, I am working on a new collage, tentatively titled “In Defense of Medusa” and hope to have it posted soon.

I have also been very busy with the arts integration part of my life, spending 5 to 10 days as artist in residence at various Dayton schools. This is an issue I belief in very strongly, using my art form to teach not only art, but academic concepts as well. IT WORKS. I can’t tell you how many times – yes I can, nearly 100% – I have seen students finally grasp a concept that eluded them until they could make it, hold it, grasp it, and see it in a physical way. Besides, it’s kind of fun to “sneak in” the academic part! I also enjoy devising the art experience; it is a challenge and a joy. I wish more schools would use this approach to teaching; I understand that it’s harder to quantify, more chaotic and messy perhaps, but it is well worth the effort. Plus, the more students get to do hands-on learning, the more control they gain over their actions, and the more willing they become to think outside the box.

That’s probably enough preaching for today! I will save more for next time – looking forward to hearing from folks!