I have been in the studio a lot this week, working on several new pieces. For some reason I have gotten hooked on Medusa, the mythical woman with snake hair. She was not always a negative figure; early in her incarnation she was a figure of power and strength. She exists in many cultures and her history is an interesting one. Anyway, I am working on my third Medusa collage, as well as a series of pieces for Clothes That Work, an area non-profit that helps job seekers with appropriate career clothing.

Because I am not deft with a camera, new photos of art can be slow to appear, so I apologize for that – I am working on the do it myself photography thing! I recently took a workshop presented by Dayton photographers extraordinaire Andy Snow and Kevin Messer, and bless their hearts they helped alleviate the “fear” I have of shooting my own work. I think I just might be able to do it!

Anyhow, please stay tuned. New photos will crop up one of these days.