I am sad to say that I lost a very dear companion on Saturday morning. She was my studio assistant,  who followed me everywhere, rarely left my side, steadfast in her support of me and my work, gentle in demeanor, unconditionally loving, and always available whenever she was needed. Maxine never, ever, had a critical thing to say about anyone, and she welcomed all visitors, particularly if they arrived with a treat in hand and time to spare for her.

She didn’t feel well on Thursday, so I took her to the doctor on Friday morning. She was running a high fever and the doctor suspected a tumor, so he scheduled surgery on Saturday morning. Her poor heart stopped on the table and he wasn’t able to revive her. Even had he been able to, the prognosis was not good for my dear companion.

Maxine had a special place in my studio – an old bear rug that was exclusively hers. She kept me company as I worked. Maxine was my chocolate Labrador Retriever and she was a much loved member of our family.

And I miss her, so much.