Well, it has been quite a while since I made even a peep on my own site! Spring was quite busy with teaching residencies in the Dayton schools – ARTS INTEGRATION is a subject here I hope to address in the future, in talk as well as with a new category altogether.

Another category I plan to add is FAVORITE BOOKS ON ART. I just finished one on why we draw and another on Caravaggio. There is much to say about drawing, and Caravaggio, well, he was quite an interesting character!

I am currently working with a group of artists and youth on a project for Children’s Medical Center in Dayton. The project is called “It Takes Two” and as this is the second phase (Phase One is complete and can be seen on 3 West at CMC) it is officially “take two” of the project (I love puns!). More on this exciting project later, though I have to give a shout out to Jane Black, executive director of the Dayton Visual Arts Center for spearheading the project. Without her none of this would be happening! And thanks to DVAC board member Ed McGatha as well, for supporting local artists.

What else? A great show at DVAC right now by artist David Leach. I am back in the studio starting new work on “Illuminating Women”.  Also collaborating on a piece with glass artist Susan Cannon. As you can see, there truly is never enough time for all creative things to do!

More ramblings later…. and more new catergories and art postings. Look for new images  to come!