This morning as I was getting ready to head to the studio I noticed two separate sets of neighbors pause on the sidewalk outside my door. Each one stooped with their phone cameras and snapped a picture. One walked on, but the other was still there when I exited my door. She explained that she was admiring the beautiful spider’s web on the railing. I live right on the river, and yes, we have spiders!

So I looked. Which I have done often over the time we have lived on the river. I have l00ked at the geese, the ducks, the beautiful sunsets, the cormarants spreading their wings (a favorite), and the spiders. We let them spin their webs on our door until we can no longer dodge them. They move fast, spinning a perfectly joined web with efficiency. 

And their webs are beautiful. Intricate. They sparkle. So today, I appreciate the artistry of their work.