The Wall Series

This series is composed of two sets of images in different media: collage on canvas and colored pencil on Bristol board. I was inspired to start this group of work because I was asked to design a prayer wall. In designing the wall I wanted to evoke the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where people of all cultures come to tuck small written prayers and concerns into the cracks of the wall.

That got me to thinking about walls in general, and for some reason, the colors of certain emotions and prayers. Is joy a blue wall, or is that peace? Maybe joy is a red wall. What color is compassion? Could an empathy wall be green, rather than green for envy?

Perhaps one of these colored walls will speak to you of hope, peace, joy or compassion. Maybe spending time with one of these walls will help you channel that quality. Then you can take it out into the world.


Prayer in Four Parts     Bird in Flight newest edit      blue cliff

Prayer Wall, blue green, edited     Staba       Wall's edge newest edit

White blue gold newest edit      Found walls      Saatchi gold two

DSC_0245      1-LIGHT AND LIFE      Ocean View

Affordable” Housing

Affordable Housing is a whimsical take on homes. Each collage on canvas is a 12″ by 12″ square and the “houses” are imaginary, inspired by puns, or simply fantasy images. A nice selection of this series can be seen at Children’s Medical Center in Dayton.

Card House      Card House       Handstand House


I create, or “paint” my collages on stretched canvas, the same canvas that an oil painter uses. The finished collage is protected by a light fast acrylic coating which I spray over the work. Every collage has at least four protective finish coats on it. Because the art is protected, my collages do not need glass, and can be wired on the back and hung as is (I also finish the edges of the canvas). After you hang my art on your wall, taking care of it is simple: give it a little dusting now and then and enjoy!