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Sacred Ground Art Exhibit

Good morning! For those of you in the Dayton Ohio area, I want to alert you to an exhibition opening on March 27, 2010 and running through May 2nd. The exhibition is called SACRED GROUND. Hosted by the Marianist Envirionmental Education Center on the grounds of Mount St. John – many of you locals know this place as Bergamo – this year’s show explores the gift of land as a place to encounter the sacred, and the values that ground us in caring for the land. (I lifted this last part directly from their brochure).

The OPENING RECEPTION is Saturday, March 27 from 2-5 pm at Gallery St. John, which is there on the grounds. There you can meet the artists and writers involved in the exhibition and enjoy music and refreshments.

There are a number of events connected with this exhibition, so I am providing a link to MEEC’s website: http://meec.udayton.edu. If you are concerned about the viability of our natural world and our human connection to it, check it out! I hope to see you.

Where have I been?

For any of you who read my posts or check my latest work, you are probably wondering what has happened to me, since I have not posted in months. I always have such good intentions to maintain a steady stream of commentary and actually was doing pretty well – for awhile.

Well, I am still here and still making art. I just haven’t photographed and posted any new work; I am still making new work. Actually I have been quite busy making work so I will practice my photography skills and post some. I did a series of “Peace” symbols and am working on a new series called “Oxford Faces”, based on photos I took in Oxford, England last April. I am continuing the “Medusa” series and am working on three pieces having to do with the land as sacred space.

I am teaching a lot right now, which accounts for some of my busyness: four art history classes and a studio class. I love doing this but it does take time! It is important to me however to keep up with the history of art as it places me in context with my predecessors. It also informs my work, and I hope, enriches and improves it. I am proud to be a part of the history of artists, however small. I also feel I am doing my part to develop new art appreciators, collectors and patrons. So I work hard to balance art teaching and artmaking! Anyone who is an artist understands the dilemma of time management (as do most of us I am sure).

Well, that’s it for today. I promise I will be back soon to update you on things art.

Who was Penthesilea and why am I writing about her?

Well, Penthesilea is a mythological Amazon woman who fought in the Trojan War on the side of the Trojans. This was to repay a favor once done to her by King Priam of Troy. She fought valiantly, but according to most sources, was killed in battle by Achilles, who did not realize he was fighting a woman. When he removed her helmet, not only was he shocked to find a woman warrior, he was “struck” by her breathtaking beauty, and immediately fell madly in love with the slain Penthesilea!

My collage positions her in the thrownback position of a defeated warrior. I have included a detail and a close-up so you can see some of the texture. AND, I MUST WARN YOU…. I TOOK THESE PHOTOS, SO….please excuse the less than perfect state of them, and I apologize for the bit of glare.

This piece measures 16w by 12h, on canvas, and has been sold to a private collector.

Penthesilea Faces Achilles  Penthesilea Faces Achilles

Penthesilea detail  Detail showing Penthesilea’s face; keep in mind that this is paper, not paint!

penthesilea-close-up-thumbnail.jpg  This close up, though blurry, thanks to my “tremendous” photography skills, is an attempt to show the wonderful texture I can achieve with paper. 

Work in Progress

Medusa, in  progress  Pictured here is a snapshot of a current collage in progress, part of my Medusa series. This piece will be 48″w by 36″h. On pieces of this size I often work on the easel; sometimes I work flat, depending on the collage itself. You may notice that some of the paper is still hanging off the canvas, or appears to be in the wrong spot. Many times if I plan to use a particular piece of paper I will stick it on the canvas with a spot of glue so I don’t lose it!

Studio time

I have been in the studio a lot this week, working on several new pieces. For some reason I have gotten hooked on Medusa, the mythical woman with snake hair. She was not always a negative figure; early in her incarnation she was a figure of power and strength. She exists in many cultures and her history is an interesting one. Anyway, I am working on my third Medusa collage, as well as a series of pieces for Clothes That Work, an area non-profit that helps job seekers with appropriate career clothing.

Because I am not deft with a camera, new photos of art can be slow to appear, so I apologize for that – I am working on the do it myself photography thing! I recently took a workshop presented by Dayton photographers extraordinaire Andy Snow and Kevin Messer, and bless their hearts they helped alleviate the “fear” I have of shooting my own work. I think I just might be able to do it!

Anyhow, please stay tuned. New photos will crop up one of these days.