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Sacred Ground Art Exhibit

Good morning! For those of you in the Dayton Ohio area, I want to alert you to an exhibition opening on March 27, 2010 and running through May 2nd. The exhibition is called SACRED GROUND. Hosted by the Marianist Envirionmental Education Center on the grounds of Mount St. John – many of you locals know this place as Bergamo – this year’s show explores the gift of land as a place to encounter the sacred, and the values that ground us in caring for the land. (I lifted this last part directly from their brochure).

The OPENING RECEPTION is Saturday, March 27 from 2-5 pm at Gallery St. John, which is there on the grounds. There you can meet the artists and writers involved in the exhibition and enjoy music and refreshments.

There are a number of events connected with this exhibition, so I am providing a link to MEEC’s website: http://meec.udayton.edu. If you are concerned about the viability of our natural world and our human connection to it, check it out! I hope to see you.

Where have I been?

For any of you who read my posts or check my latest work, you are probably wondering what has happened to me, since I have not posted in months. I always have such good intentions to maintain a steady stream of commentary and actually was doing pretty well – for awhile.

Well, I am still here and still making art. I just haven’t photographed and posted any new work; I am still making new work. Actually I have been quite busy making work so I will practice my photography skills and post some. I did a series of “Peace” symbols and am working on a new series called “Oxford Faces”, based on photos I took in Oxford, England last April. I am continuing the “Medusa” series and am working on three pieces having to do with the land as sacred space.

I am teaching a lot right now, which accounts for some of my busyness: four art history classes and a studio class. I love doing this but it does take time! It is important to me however to keep up with the history of art as it places me in context with my predecessors. It also informs my work, and I hope, enriches and improves it. I am proud to be a part of the history of artists, however small. I also feel I am doing my part to develop new art appreciators, collectors and patrons. So I work hard to balance art teaching and artmaking! Anyone who is an artist understands the dilemma of time management (as do most of us I am sure).

Well, that’s it for today. I promise I will be back soon to update you on things art.

arts advocacy and your thoughts

I will be traveling to Columbus, Ohio on April first – no foolin”! – to call on our state legislators, lobbying them to increase, maintain, continue, build, etc. their support of the arts in our state. April 1 is Arts Advocacy Day and I will be part of a significant Dayton contingent from all the major arts groups, small and large, as well as community supporters and individual artists like myself.

Arts related businesses are a significant part of our state’s income, as well as important to quality of life. Now, I know if you are reading this that you are already somewhat interested in the arts and that in essence I am preaching to the choir. HOWEVER, what I am interested in is your comments, thoughts, statistics, and personal experiences regarding the positive impact the arts have had on you or someone you know. I want as much data as possible to take with me to Columbus.

IN ADDITION, I am working on an article or series of articles about the importance and impact of the arts, and if you contribute an anecdote, I may ask your permission to use it in writing. 

So, please, add your voice to the rest of us who love the arts. More voices raised in active support will add color, texture, and power to our songs! (here I am, a visual artist using music metaphors!)