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Where have I been?

A good question! It has been a very active winter and spring, and I have not kept up with posts at all! So a quick update. I taught five classes during the winter – crazy crazy – but all are now successfully completed. I welcomed grandchild number two! I went to Italy. Now I am home and in the studio working on several new projects….to be revealed in the next update!

Art Travels…

Belgium, Netherlands, Christine de Pizan, New friends, and Art, art, art! And the Internet, did I mention the Internet?

Wow, what a summer I have had! So many new experiences, so many new friends from all over the world, and world class museums! Where do I start? In small bites I think.

Conference hosts Olivier and Tanya show off a thank you gift from conference participants: Framed images of my collages from The Dinner in the City series!

Conference hosts Olivier and Tanya show off a thank you gift from conference participants: Framed images of my collages from The Dinner in the City series!

To begin, about two years ago, a medieval scholar from Chicago, Julia Nephew, discovered my artwork on the internet. She was writing an article on the 15th century writer Christine de Pizan for an academic journal. I just happened to have used Christine in a series of collages I created between 2003 and 2007.

Julia asked permission to use some of my images in her article. We negotiated a contract and some months later a book arrived from Florence, Italy containing Julia’s article and my images. Because of this I was invited to speak at the North American Conference of Medieval Scholars at Western Michigan University. Because of that, Julia and I were invited to co-present at the International Colloquium Christine de Pizan in Belgium!

So, off I go to Belgium, by way of the Netherlands. I will expand on that in a future post, but this time I want to give a shout out to the organizers of the conference, Oliver and Tanya of the Catholic University Louvain la Neuve in Belgium. They were the ultimate hosts!

Saturday Morning Post

Working on some new pieces, one using no color at all, just variations on black and white. Have started two new pieces in the House series as well. I spent yesterday putting together an installation that will go to Gorman School in Dayton. I have been working on it over the summer, assembling the components which are made from recycled materials. So far I have created a very colorful “pole” forest with some wind and sound components to accompany the forest. I hope to start installing this week!

I have a busy fall ahead; classes start soon and I will be filling the heads of college students with lots of world art history. I have been tweaking my course to add in some things I felt were needed for a full first exposure to art (most of the students I teach have had little experience with art; I like opening their minds).

In addition there are several shows coming  up in the very near future, lots of happenings at my main gallery The Cannery Art and Design Center, as well as at Really Cool Stuff where I sell my cards and small art items. The Holiday Gift Gallery is gearing up at the Dayton Visual Arts Center soon as well. Best yet, we will be bopping over to DC to see our son, who graduated from Georgetown last May and is working in the capital city. We – my family – have all lived in the DC area  and it is a favorite place for us. A friend told me last week that Mark Rothko’s chapel paintings are on view, so I have to see them. Best part of course, will be spending time with my son! I miss the guy!

Best of Intentions

Well, I have finished grading all my students’ work and turned in the grades (I teach art history at Wright State University in Dayton and love it!). Now I can really focus on the studio. It’s always a juggling act between teaching and creating. I suppose I could not teach, but I love sharing the history and interacting with my students. I love when they return from the “dreaded” museum visit and tell me with surprise that they had a great time! As a teacher I am developing new art appreciators and patrons, and without them we can sell no art!

I had wonderful classes this year filled with interesting and engaged students. Every time I teach I learn something new and I think this knowledge informs my own art. It also makes me appreciate my place within the continuum of artists and history, and I think that’s a good thing.

I promise, that new art will be posted soon!