Over the last several years I have been working on a new way of creating papier colle (collage). Using strips of canvas I have been collaging color stories, then using the strips to weave collage tapestries. Once woven, they hang suspended on copper rods. They look absolutely beautiful on the wall.

This project has been challenging as I have worked with various ways to construct the tapestries. After some trial and error, I am pleased with the latest result.

Because of their size they are difficult to photograph, but I have decided to post my I-phone images just to give an idea of their appearance.

The first one is titled The Wine Dark Sea after a line in Homer (though it is actually the third one I have made). Homer never referred to the sea or sky as blue, and historians believe it is probably because the Greeks did not have a word for blue. This fascinates me, and it is a part of color history to this day. If we do not have a word for a color, we do not see or experience it as that color. It’s kind of mind-bending.

     This is the first tapestry, called Rainbow Connection. It is constructed differently than the piece above and a bit larger, 5 ftw by 8ft long.

Here is tapestry number two while I was still experimenting with construction. It is about the same size as Rainbow Connection above.