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Saturday Morning Post

Working on some new pieces, one using no color at all, just variations on black and white. Have started two new pieces in the House series as well. I spent yesterday putting together an installation that will go to Gorman School in Dayton. I have been working on it over the summer, assembling the components which are made from recycled materials. So far I have created a very colorful “pole” forest with some wind and sound components to accompany the forest. I hope to start installing this week!

I have a busy fall ahead; classes start soon and I will be filling the heads of college students with lots of world art history. I have been tweaking my course to add in some things I felt were needed for a full first exposure to art (most of the students I teach have had little experience with art; I like opening their minds).

In addition there are several shows coming  up in the very near future, lots of happenings at my main gallery The Cannery Art and Design Center, as well as at Really Cool Stuff where I sell my cards and small art items. The Holiday Gift Gallery is gearing up at the Dayton Visual Arts Center soon as well. Best yet, we will be bopping over to DC to see our son, who graduated from Georgetown last May and is working in the capital city. We – my family – have all lived in the DC area  and it is a favorite place for us. A friend told me last week that Mark Rothko’s chapel paintings are on view, so I have to see them. Best part of course, will be spending time with my son! I miss the guy!

House and Home as Subject

I will be posting new small collages in the Small Works Gallery. These collages are based on subjects rather than full-blown themes. They are less labor intensive and therefore less expensive to purchase. These collages are still finely crafted and treated with the same care as my larger pieces; they are simply less complicated compositions. All are handmade and other papers on canvas, treated with a clear acrylic matte finish so they need no glass, and come wired and ready to hang!

Below you will see Card House, a 5 x 5 inch paper collage on canvas, $25 – SOLD, greeting cards still available

Card House

From the House series

From the House series

Creative Play

It’s a beautiful morning in Dayton, the sun is shining and I just finished chatting with my neighbor Brenda and her cuddly Akita Sophie (who just had ACL surgery, though she is not a soccer playing dog). Sophie is the kind of pooch I would love to snuggle up and take a nap with for an afternoon; she is a sweetheart. Being an Akita her aggressive tendencies sometimes emerge with other big dogs; this use to happen with my dear chocolate Lab Maxine. Max was so mellow that when Sophie got pushy Max just stood there looking puzzled! Both are (and were, as my sweet Max is no longer with us) loving and loyal canines.

Well, that digression is not the point of this morning’s post. Mostly I am delaying my pressing work of the morning, which is grading art history posts from one of my classes. Actually I want to relay the value of CREATIVE PLAY, because I hosted a workshop on Saturday at the Dayton Art Institute in conjunction with one of their current exhibitions: All Things Bright and Beautiful, the California Impressionists.

Eleven eager folks joined me for a full morning playing and creating with paper. First we strolled through the exhibition observing the vibrant paintings of Guy Rose, William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Granville Redmond, Anna Hills, John Gamble and many others, then we returned to the studio where I demonstrated my collage technique. Everyone went to work seeing what exciting things the paper would do. We had a wonderful morning! My students’ collages were colorful, textural, imaginative, individual, and wonderful! I encourage all of you to engage in some creative play!

Weekly thoughts

Working on a new series of collages based on statuary, mostly French I think, though I have not done all the research yet. These statues are known as “mourners” and I find them captivating. The shapes of the figures and the attitudes they convey are very moving. I have finished a preliminary drawing and am currently transferring the image to canvas so I can start the collage. The start of a new piece is always exciting!

Sacred Ground Art Exhibit

Good morning! For those of you in the Dayton Ohio area, I want to alert you to an exhibition opening on March 27, 2010 and running through May 2nd. The exhibition is called SACRED GROUND. Hosted by the Marianist Envirionmental Education Center on the grounds of Mount St. John – many of you locals know this place as Bergamo – this year’s show explores the gift of land as a place to encounter the sacred, and the values that ground us in caring for the land. (I lifted this last part directly from their brochure).

The OPENING RECEPTION is Saturday, March 27 from 2-5 pm at Gallery St. John, which is there on the grounds. There you can meet the artists and writers involved in the exhibition and enjoy music and refreshments.

There are a number of events connected with this exhibition, so I am providing a link to MEEC’s website: If you are concerned about the viability of our natural world and our human connection to it, check it out! I hope to see you.

New website to check

http://www.artid.pipart – check out another sales venue where you can easily purchase my work! At this point I have listed only two new pieces, but I will be adding more in the next few days, so stay tuned! It’s a very easy site to navigate too.

Right now I am watching the Georgetown/WV basketball game with my son, who is a senior at GU. At 6’6″ tall, he tells people when they ask him if he plays basketball that he is not tall enough for his college team! Go Hoyas (no disrespect to any WV fans!). It’s nice to have my Hoya home for spring break.

Best to all you art and basketball fans, and I will talk to you soon!

Hey, It’s Friday and I spent the day in the studio!

Hurray…it was a good productive day in my studio, where I worked on a piece I am calling “The Water Carrier”. It is based on a detail from a stained glass window at Chartres. Lots of color and texture. It’s currently drying and then I will add the finishing touches and apply the glazes. I am planning to enter it in an exhibition called “Sacred Spaces”. I will finish it tomorrow and then start laying out a new collage!

Where have I been?

For any of you who read my posts or check my latest work, you are probably wondering what has happened to me, since I have not posted in months. I always have such good intentions to maintain a steady stream of commentary and actually was doing pretty well – for awhile.

Well, I am still here and still making art. I just haven’t photographed and posted any new work; I am still making new work. Actually I have been quite busy making work so I will practice my photography skills and post some. I did a series of “Peace” symbols and am working on a new series called “Oxford Faces”, based on photos I took in Oxford, England last April. I am continuing the “Medusa” series and am working on three pieces having to do with the land as sacred space.

I am teaching a lot right now, which accounts for some of my busyness: four art history classes and a studio class. I love doing this but it does take time! It is important to me however to keep up with the history of art as it places me in context with my predecessors. It also informs my work, and I hope, enriches and improves it. I am proud to be a part of the history of artists, however small. I also feel I am doing my part to develop new art appreciators, collectors and patrons. So I work hard to balance art teaching and artmaking! Anyone who is an artist understands the dilemma of time management (as do most of us I am sure).

Well, that’s it for today. I promise I will be back soon to update you on things art.

Art and Clothes That Work

I am in the midst of an ongoing project for a local non-profit called Clothes That Work. This wonderful organization helps men and women prepare for job interviews and new jobs by helping them put together an interview outfit. If a client of CTW is hired for a new position, he or she can return to CTW to choose some work wear. It is an amazing organization and has helped many a college grad, single mom, laid-off worker, those coming off assistance, and countless others.

And I have the fun fun fun opportunity to create clothing themed collages for the Boutique and offices of Clothes That Work! The staff wanted to juice up their surroundings so I have embarked on this ongoing project. I am creating collages as I have time, scheduling them with my other work. I have finished just one so far, which I am showing here. (Remember this is a pip-shot photo, so excuse the glare. I just got notice that my new lights have shipped, so hopefully my photography will improve along with the equipment!).

The Red Shoe   The Red Shoe, 20″ by 20″

To make these pieces even more fun, they are hung from brass hangers!

Stay tuned for more info on Clothes That Work and the art that works with it!