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Does this look an artist’s studio or what?

Art and Clothes That Work

I am in the midst of an ongoing project for a local non-profit called Clothes That Work. This wonderful organization helps men and women prepare for job interviews and new jobs by helping them put together an interview outfit. If a client of CTW is hired for a new position, he or she can return to CTW to choose some work wear. It is an amazing organization and has helped many a college grad, single mom, laid-off worker, those coming off assistance, and countless others.

And I have the fun fun fun opportunity to create clothing themed collages for the Boutique and offices of Clothes That Work! The staff wanted to juice up their surroundings so I have embarked on this ongoing project. I am creating collages as I have time, scheduling them with my other work. I have finished just one so far, which I am showing here. (Remember this is a pip-shot photo, so excuse the glare. I just got notice that my new lights have shipped, so hopefully my photography will improve along with the equipment!).

The Red Shoe   The Red Shoe, 20″ by 20″

To make these pieces even more fun, they are hung from brass hangers!

Stay tuned for more info on Clothes That Work and the art that works with it!

Work in Progress

Medusa, in  progress  Pictured here is a snapshot of a current collage in progress, part of my Medusa series. This piece will be 48″w by 36″h. On pieces of this size I often work on the easel; sometimes I work flat, depending on the collage itself. You may notice that some of the paper is still hanging off the canvas, or appears to be in the wrong spot. Many times if I plan to use a particular piece of paper I will stick it on the canvas with a spot of glue so I don’t lose it!