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Does this look an artist’s studio or what?

The art in smart

Just a thought for today: Supporters of art are movers and shakers, which is why ART is the foundation of SMART!

Some New Year’s Thoughts 2011

Art is life-giving.

It’s an intangible. How can you explain to someone who has never experienced the power of an original piece of work, something that has sprung from the thought of one human being, brought into existence due to that person’s trials and errors, sweat, mental anguish, trying to get it right, to make physical that which he or she sees in the mind’s eye? Art adds life – to the walls of your home, your cubicle at work, your city parks, the very roadways you travel – breath and thought and feeling and connection, a communication offered from the artist to you.

It was a difficult year, 2010. Many of us felt the negatives of an economy sliding downhill, jobs moving in not equal to the companies moving out, the broad sweep of cuts to the arts because funds are stretched to the nth degree just to cover the most basic of services. Hard decisions have had to be made. We all want to live in a community with plenty of recreational opportunities and cultural offerings. Most of us realize that in our current world we must get creative to provide those amenities when our cities are pushing to fill empty buildings, entice new enterprise, appeal to and keep our young adult residents.

This is why we need the life sustaining power of art more than ever, and it is also why it is time for those of us who live and breathe and work in the arts to do more – I know, I know, we all are always being asked to do more – but small things can truly add up to big accomplishments. There is strength in numbers, and while competition is healthy, there really is great power in collaboration.

Dayton, Ohio, where I live and work,  is remarkable in its offerings in the arts; it has more than most cities its size (a provable statistic by the way). We have more talented professional artists than most, we have fine galleries that could use more traffic and support, and we have an art institute that rivals those of many larger metropolitan areas. Dayton has been blessed by the philanthropy of past citizens who loved this city and its people; we are still enjoying the fruits of that generosity today. Moreover, we are charged with living up to that legacy. We need to, now more than ever before.

Saturday Morning Post

Working on some new pieces, one using no color at all, just variations on black and white. Have started two new pieces in the House series as well. I spent yesterday putting together an installation that will go to Gorman School in Dayton. I have been working on it over the summer, assembling the components which are made from recycled materials. So far I have created a very colorful “pole” forest with some wind and sound components to accompany the forest. I hope to start installing this week!

I have a busy fall ahead; classes start soon and I will be filling the heads of college students with lots of world art history. I have been tweaking my course to add in some things I felt were needed for a full first exposure to art (most of the students I teach have had little experience with art; I like opening their minds).

In addition there are several shows coming  up in the very near future, lots of happenings at my main gallery The Cannery Art and Design Center, as well as at Really Cool Stuff where I sell my cards and small art items. The Holiday Gift Gallery is gearing up at the Dayton Visual Arts Center soon as well. Best yet, we will be bopping over to DC to see our son, who graduated from Georgetown last May and is working in the capital city. We – my family – have all lived in the DC area  and it is a favorite place for us. A friend told me last week that Mark Rothko’s chapel paintings are on view, so I have to see them. Best part of course, will be spending time with my son! I miss the guy!

Weekly thoughts

Working on a new series of collages based on statuary, mostly French I think, though I have not done all the research yet. These statues are known as “mourners” and I find them captivating. The shapes of the figures and the attitudes they convey are very moving. I have finished a preliminary drawing and am currently transferring the image to canvas so I can start the collage. The start of a new piece is always exciting!

New website to check

http://www.artid.pipart – check out another sales venue where you can easily purchase my work! At this point I have listed only two new pieces, but I will be adding more in the next few days, so stay tuned! It’s a very easy site to navigate too.

Right now I am watching the Georgetown/WV basketball game with my son, who is a senior at GU. At 6’6″ tall, he tells people when they ask him if he plays basketball that he is not tall enough for his college team! Go Hoyas (no disrespect to any WV fans!). It’s nice to have my Hoya home for spring break.

Best to all you art and basketball fans, and I will talk to you soon!

Art, collage, sacred places, and ?

Well, I am taking a little break here from grading art papers to write a quick post. Making art is my joy and my job, but I also teach, so art history papers are a priority at the moment! I did manage, however, to create a couple of new collages for an exhibition to open later this month. Sacred Ground is all about the land as sacred space and the exhibition opens at the Marianist Environmental Education Center in Beavercreek, Ohio. I will post more information soon, and at an earlier time of day! It’s late at night at the moment, so I am bidding goodnight!

Hey, It’s Friday and I spent the day in the studio!

Hurray…it was a good productive day in my studio, where I worked on a piece I am calling “The Water Carrier”. It is based on a detail from a stained glass window at Chartres. Lots of color and texture. It’s currently drying and then I will add the finishing touches and apply the glazes. I am planning to enter it in an exhibition called “Sacred Spaces”. I will finish it tomorrow and then start laying out a new collage!

Where have I been?

For any of you who read my posts or check my latest work, you are probably wondering what has happened to me, since I have not posted in months. I always have such good intentions to maintain a steady stream of commentary and actually was doing pretty well – for awhile.

Well, I am still here and still making art. I just haven’t photographed and posted any new work; I am still making new work. Actually I have been quite busy making work so I will practice my photography skills and post some. I did a series of “Peace” symbols and am working on a new series called “Oxford Faces”, based on photos I took in Oxford, England last April. I am continuing the “Medusa” series and am working on three pieces having to do with the land as sacred space.

I am teaching a lot right now, which accounts for some of my busyness: four art history classes and a studio class. I love doing this but it does take time! It is important to me however to keep up with the history of art as it places me in context with my predecessors. It also informs my work, and I hope, enriches and improves it. I am proud to be a part of the history of artists, however small. I also feel I am doing my part to develop new art appreciators, collectors and patrons. So I work hard to balance art teaching and artmaking! Anyone who is an artist understands the dilemma of time management (as do most of us I am sure).

Well, that’s it for today. I promise I will be back soon to update you on things art.

Making art and finding time

I haven’t posted in a while, but that doesn’t mean I have been idle! It is always a decision between working in the studio or communicating about working in the studio, and honestly, making art usually wins. I just finished a new piece that I had been working on for a show here in Dayton; I was having trouble resolving it, so I nixed it for that particular show to work on it further. I finished this collage yesterday and I think it is much better now. As soon as I photograph it (using my new light system) I will put it up for all to see.

I am almost finished with the Medusa shown in “Works in Progress”. Poor Medusa … she got put on hold while I finished other projects that had firm deadlines.  Now I can wrap her up and return to another Medusa that is on the canvas ready to start.

I have a show coming up in November for which I plan to have all new pieces. I sketched the first one out yesterday, so that project is started. And last night I worked on another idea that I have been making notes on for quite some time. More on that later.

Just a reminder that all my work is for sale, and that you can find it here as well as on [email protected]  The Etsy site at this point is primarily notecards, but the Etsy advantage is Paypal!

Feel free always to contact me with questions, requests for workshops, art sales, etc. I’m always here! And please, support your local arts venues. Where is the richness of life without the arts?