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Looking for a title

I have already posted some pictures of the first in my new series of woven collages, but I am searching for a title for the entire series.  For instance, my collages inspired by Jerusalem’s Western Wall is “The Wall Series”, and the Judy Chicago/Christine de Pisan collages are known collectively as “Dinner in the City”.

I am currently working on the second woven piece – it will be in blues and yellows – and would like a series name that reflects the idea of weaving paper, weaving thoughts, fibers, threads, etc. Send me your ideas!

AND, check out my facebook pages and my new blog, all listed here:, Pippengart and Pip’s Awesome Cards PipART (hope I got this part right!)

Expanding the boundaries of collage

I have been working on this idea for almost two years, and at last have completed the first attempt. It is a collage tapestry, created from strips of collaged canvas, varnished and woven into a 5 foot by 8 foot hanging work of art. I used copper pipe for the hanging rod. Now that I have finished one, I have all kinds of ideas for the next tapestry and the next and the next! collage tapestry

A Workshop Testimonial

Earlier this year I presented a workshop to the Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors on my working method, as part of the Society’s 75th Anniversary. The artist members celebrated 75 years of continuous existence by sponsoring 75 hours of workshops!

I was delighted to receive this comment from one of my workshop participants:

     It was a pleasure to watch the dynamic Marsha Pippenger at work. Her presentation took on many different faces: sharing history, process, and personal stories and motivations from her artistic career. One of the aspects I most appreciated about Marsha’s demo was her openness about how she constructs her collages and how her thought process grows and changes as she makes choices within a piece. She even brought multiple preliminary sketches as well as a work in progress to share. She also described some interesting stories and characters from women’s history – including reclaiming the mythical Medusa as a positive force.

Going into an Art Demo Marathon session, you can never know exactly what you’ll take away from the experience. I know that listening to these interesting artists talk about their philosophies and working methods will help spark new ideas when I’m next in the studio. I’m inspired to get to work and I hope you are too!

Bridgette Bogle, Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing, Sinclair Community College.

Thank you Bridgette!

War Horse art

Saw War Horse yesterday. The “puppet” horses are so lifelike I wanted to take one home. The puppeteers created magic with their ability to make these horses breath, snort, run and show real emotion. They were amazing. Such artistry!

Girl with a Pearl!

Girl with a Pearl Earring: Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis

At the de Young Museum January 26—June 2, 2013

Girl with a Pearl Earring

I have been in California visiting my son, who is a doctoral student at Berkeley. The bright blue skies and warm temps have been a needed break from February in Ohio with its gray skies and cold winds. What a nice time we have had!

Another highlight of my visit – besides getting to see my boy – was a trip to the de Young Museum at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. There I had the joy of seeing Vermeer’s masterpiece Girl with a Pearl Earring. What a thrill, a true Vermeer masterpiece, lush in painted technique,  insightful in its mysterious, personal appeal. Woo hoo!